(venus in furs)

I've been walking along a crooked path
Where the walls have fallen and broken me in half
I'm telling you, I will not rest 'til I lay down my head
I'm gonna go in the house of stone and light
(I shall not cry for the blind man I leave behind)

standalone stories

Another Man With Firmer Lips
Jack has been sharing Daniel for a long time, and he doesn't like knowing who he's sharing Daniel with. A (vague) crossover with Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

[ Jack is warm, hard body beneath his hand and head. Jack's chest rises. Falls. Sucks in breath, in, in, heartbeat banging against his ribs, solid, real. In the dark, Daniel can rest his head against that rhythm and let it lull him. ]

The World's A Blister
we hope your rules and wisdom choke you. Jack in Ba'al's prison, and so much hate and so much love that even he can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

[ And then, kids, we would not be in this charming little room with these charming little guards, having these charming little conversations, and Daniel wouldn't have ever been here to give us that look and tell us his hands are tied and he's very sorry but he's just going to let them keep on fucking us. ]

Clear (Like Crystal)
General O'Neill has an ace up his sleeve; everyone in Washington knows Dr. Jackson can't lie to you. Set after "The Scourge".

[ Daniel doesn't laugh, but he smiles, lips tipped up, head tilted down, fingers twining around a champagne flute to occupy his hands. He needs a haircut; it's starting to curl up a little in the back. ]

Not With A Bang
It's not that kind of love.

[ "No indeed," George says, and laughs again. "The two of you. If I hadn't already been bald, my hair would have fallen out from stress." He shakes his head, and then his face gets serious. "Although I do have to say, son, I've always been grateful to the two of you for your discretion in certain other matters." ]

It's been a long week. A long fucking week. And Daniel can never remember the rules about when normal Americans are allowed to touch each other, anyway.

[ Daniel made his way home, opened the doors to his apartment balcony to get a little bit of fresh air into the place, and slept like the dead for ten hours. They don't tell you about this in the recruiting brochures, he thought, and got up to brush his teeth. ]

The Fourth Kingdom
What happens when the battle against Anubis goes a little worse than it should have, and the Stargate program gets dragged public, and nobody dares speak the word 'theocracy' anywhere anyone might overhear.

[ Jack's been a lot of things, but he's never been a war criminal before. It's not even any comfort knowing he's not top on the list. Not when he hasn't seen the man who is anywhere in five years but in newspapers and on television, the media endlessly replaying those two disastrous interviews, that slightly baffled smile perpetually rewinding across the most famous face in the world. ]

These Are The Things I Will Save For You
Civilizations and eras end overnight, sometimes. Daniel's used to picking through their pieces. Post-S8, pre-S9.

[ Friday nights are soaked in tequila and bourbon and whiskey now, penetrated with the haze of fumes and reminiscence, and he'd known going in this particular weekend would be just as bad. If not worse. Jack's house is always where they have wakes. ]

Close to Bone
Nobody hears from Jack's clone for three years, until he shows up and tells Daniel they're all in danger. Hallowed be the Ori.

[ There's a pause. "I go by JD these days," not-Jack says. And that's okay, because it's a way to differentiate between the two of them. Daniel just doesn't want to think about what the initials stand for. ]

This is what happens when I read a certain interview with a certain actor confessing he doesn't usually bother wearing underwear: improv porn. Ivorygates wrote a sequel, Attuned.

[ Jackson's not obvious -- Jackson's never obvious, except when he is, and the things he's obvious about have nothing to do with the things Cam's looking for. But when a man has to suck in air at the thought of you naked under your denim, well, it means you got something to work with here. ]

And, coming after Ivorygates' sequel, part three: Cam works his way through a few of Daniel's defenses to find the truth underneath.

[ He's expecting the way Jackson rolls off him, like he's preparing to get up and throw Cam out, like Jackson's ready to pick up whatever he put down enough to let him do this and go back to being cool and distant behind friendly-seeming eyes again. He's not expecting Jackson to leave one leg tangled with his, one arm draped over his back. Fondly. Almost possessively. ]

All Men Will Be Sailors Until The Sea Shall Free Them
Daniel is captured, tortured, brutalized -- but when the SGC recovers him, they discover the experience hasn't affected him anywhere near as much as Jack thinks it should have. and Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water, and he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower, and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him, he said, "all men will be sailors, then, until the sea shall free them". but he himself was broken long before the skies would open: forsaken, almost human, he sank beneath your wisdom like a stone. Remixed by Raqs in the 2008 Gateverse Remix as ...and the truth shall set you free (the freedom remix).

[ If it had been anyone else, the point of the rescue op would have been to retrieve the body. But this is Daniel. ]

Rounded With A Sleep (the under the ice and dreaming remix)
A remix of Komos's Rounded With A Sleep for the 2007 Gateverse Remix challenge.

[ Jack O'Neill exists: under the ice, waveform of energy, potential and kinetic, kinesthetic, stimulated, simulated, here in this too-short too-lonesome white wave of potentialnothingness inside his mind, cold, suspended, animated, bare, bared, thought-forms unspooling untwisting unfolding here look wouldn't it be easy to just -- ]

Those Days Of Sahara
Written for the 2007 SG-1 Jubilee fic exchange: Thanksgiving with the Ori resistance.

[ Here, Samantha Carter is lying spread out on her chest, her forehead pillowed against her folded hands, telling a bunch of aphysical glowing squid how divine and all-powerful and benevolent they are. Hallowed be the Ori. ]

In The Fullness Of Time (The Shores of Lost Carcosa Remix)
A remix of Sid's In The Fullness of Time for the 2008 Gateverse Remix challenge. Both stylistically and mythologically a tribute to Robert W. Chambers' classic horror novel The King In Yellow, available in e-text from Project Gutenberg.

[ I made my way down the corridor, towards the open doorway lurking at its distant end; torches flared against the walls, their lambent light an uneasy flicker at the edge of my eye, as I progressed down the passageway, drawn there by the logic of the dream and the shadows that crept and lurked behind me. ]

June 24, 2008 (1600-1630 Zulu)
A series of vignettes that take place during Continuum.

[ Pretend we stepped through that Gate and came out somewhere you've never seen before. It's easier that way. ]

The Only Winning Move
Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

[ 1. These training scenarios are intended to assess base readiness and review policies regarding certain scenarios that may occur in daily operations. They are not intended solely to provide a chance for you to shoot your co-workers, whether or not they deserve it. ]

Live Fire
Daniel knows more than Jack thinks he knows. Jack really knows more than Daniel thinks he knows.

[ So I'd been getting some ribbing -- goodnatured enough, you put more than two guys together in a locker room and there's going to be some ball-busting involved, it's some kind of primitive ritual or something -- about the fact that my team consisted of me, two scientists and someone who was born halfway across the galaxy. ]

The Wealth Of Our Nations Fed On Angel Blood
Some times, blending in is harder than others. Set in siegeofangels' If You Want To Kiss The Sky universe, and probably won't make much sense without it.

[ Coming back to Cheyenne Mountain, to the Stargate Program, is like stepping into a culture more radically alien than anything Abydos ever had to offer him. ]

the series

Recovering the Satellites

Cam's been Sam's friend for a long damn time. That has a way of sneaking up on a girl.

The Christmas Series

Ten years (eventually) of Christmas with the Mitchells, between then and now, and Cam's always there when Sam needs him.

Broken Wings

A serial story of what-if: what if Cam had been a little more injured, and what if Jack's clone had been a little less willing to walk away.

The Eurydiceverse

The one where all the damage doesn't reset itself after the end of every episode.

Alternate Abydos

Cowritten with ivorygates: what if Daniel, his female twin, and Jack had all been born on an Abydos that was never contacted by Earth.

The Cammieverse

Cowritten with ivorygates: What if Cameron Mitchell had been born a girl?


Cowritten with ivorygates: what happens when you remix Broken Wings and the Cammieverse together? One king hell of an AU collision.

fic gremlins

(Sometimes [info]frostfire_17 and I stay up too late together and wind up committing acts of fic. Links to the LJ community where we post them.)

[ no title ]
Daniel had never been to Moscow, and now he never will be. Post-"Absolute Power", still in the dream.

[ Daniel, he's discovering, was that distracted for a reason. Because Daniel distilled down like this, Daniel with only one purpose in mind, is the sort of person who really can rule the world, the sort of person no one can stop. And Jack is going to have to try. ]

Blood Beat Back
Who the hell touches a Wraith? Daniel Jackson, apparently. SG-1/SGA crossover, AU.

[ Michael snarls, softly. He doesn't have the right voice to give it the true ring of terror anymore, but this mostly-human approximation can still ring dangerous when he wants it to. "Kind of hard to accept sympathy from food," he says. ]


Recovering the Satellites
31.5MB, divx. Song by the Counting Crows, footage from Season 9 (except for that one clip from S10 I couldn't pass up). Cameron and Sam. We're such crazy babies, little monkey; God, we're so fucked up, you and me.

Talk Show Host
14.9MB, divx. Song by Radiohead, footage from season 6. Jack is having a very bad year, and it's starting to show. you want me? fucking well come and find me; I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.

Stargate: Atlantis stories

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