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(An AU by Synecdochic and Ivory Gates)

Love is a verb; love is a doing-word. (Massive Attack; "Teardrop")


Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
A remix of part one of Synecdochic's "Take These Broken Wings": Cameron Evangeline Mitchell is crippled, retired, and looking for something to do. When the teenaged clone of Jack O'Neill comes knocking, things only get weirder.

Another Country
The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. Cammie takes JD home for the first time.


Love Is A Verb
So she's wearing an invitation to riot, and she's about to be taken out (somewhere) by her gay boytoy (the fucker) to show off what she's got in the hopes of getting laid. (Adult)


Night Maneuvers
Cammie and JD have a weird style of love. (Adult)


Lord God of hosts, be with us yet; lest we forget, lest we forget. At Jack O'Neill's funeral, Daniel finds two voices from his own past.

The Far-Flung Battle Line
They're here today to pay their respects to the ghosts of all the things that made them.

The Captains And The Kings
Anybody who knew the whole story -- both sides of the Great Divide -- would laugh to hear him say he doesn't hate his life.

Home Tours
Come here instead, I'll make dinner, Cameron -- Cammie -- had said.

House Rules
There's a whole lot of things Nielson never does unless he wants to.

Might be I'm imagining this, she'd said, but I know I been hinting and it seems to me you haven't been backing away, so I just wanted to tell you, if you've been thinking what I think you've been thinking, the answer's yes.

Dream States
dream (n.): 3. A state of abstraction; a trance.

Behind the Green Door
Sex in the Nielson-Mitchell house is a spectator sport. (Adult)

She was not supposed to go and fall in love with the goddamn bastard.

Water Polo
She has trouble acting normal when she's nervous.

All Cats Are Grey
Sexual identity is a sliding scale. (Adult)

Walking After Midnight
Morning-after realizations are sometimes uncomfortable things.


Laundry Day
Thought experiments are Daniel's stock in trade. (Adult)

Linen Service
Daniel is always interested in accuracy, especially when exploring strange new cultures. (Adult)

It's a tough day at the office.

Dissolved Girl
It isn't right, and it isn't fair, and Daniel knows he has to do something.


Carry That Weight
Boy, you're gonna carry that weight a long time.

Rite of Passage
Nielson's warned her that letting Daniel brood is the worst possible fucking thing they could do. (Adult)


The War Is Over And We Are Beginning
Daniel does not believe in ghosts.


Both Hands
After four years, Daniel thinks, they should be hitting the point where their sex life tapers off. (Adult)


Training Wheels
Fifteen years, in retrospective, from someone who was just on the edges of it all. (Adult)

Hardcore Superstar By Far
As the man who opened the Stargate twenty-five years ago, Dr. Daniel Jackson has become one of the most highly sought-after interview subjects of the decade. We caught up with him and his wife in their Colorado Springs home -- and the results weren't what you might think.


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by others

Undertow, by [info]sidlj
A remix of the ending of "Afterglow".

Jacking Off, by [info]sidlj
JD doesn't know if this is a curse or a blessing. (Adult)

Crowd Scene, by [info]sidlj
Daniel and JD, alone in the beginning.

Cammie on Wry, by [info]sidlj
Someone's always in the middle. (Adult)

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