short stories and novellas

To Last Forever
Companion story to Synecdochic's Never Get Far. (JC/Justin)

Cover Story
Lance thinks too much. (Lance, MMoM)

The Baffled King
Lance reads the Bible, then has sex with boys. Written for Synecdochic's Queer Shoulder to the Wheel challenge. (Lance/OMC, Lance/JC, explicit.)

So a Guy Walks Into a Bar
JC drinks good coffee, Chris drinks bad coffee, but it all works out in the end. Written for the 100 Ways challenge (#51: nipple clamps). (JC/Chris, explicit.)

"At last the Duke of Beloeil ordered the trumpet to be sounded, and a proclamation to be made that whoever could discover how his daughters wore out their shoes should choose one of them for his wife." (JC/Justin, explicit.)

Lance chases Chris until Chris catches him. (Chris/Lance, explicit.)

This is how it will happen: without strategy, without a market survey, without a press release. Written for the reunion challenge. (Justin/Lance, explicit.)

twenty-one (the three-for-a-dollar, get-'em-while-they're-hot remix)
With JC, it's opportunity. With Joey, it's coincidence. By the time Lance's twenty-first birthday arrives, it's deliberate. A remix of stubbleglitter's twenty-one, written for We Invented The Remix 3: Back to the Streets. (Chris/JC, Chris/JC/Joey, Chris/JC/Joey/Lance, explicit.)

drabbles and vignettes

The Bathroom Vignettes
A drabble series hosted by Synecdochic. (various, occasionally explicit.)

Synecdochic asked for a disturbing timbertrick ficlet. And then she asked me to post it. (Justin/Chris. Underage, noncon, explicit.)

06 December 04, #1
Synecdochic: Lambs, Celebrity-era, something having to do with Justin's decision to shave his head. (Lance/Justin)

06 December 04, #2
Without_me: How about a sleep-related ficlet? Trickyfish (preferably baby), with sick!Lance needing to sleep, but maybe being cranky about it, and Chris coaxing him and cossetting him? (Chris/Lance)

16 December 04
Synecdochic: Give me no more than 500 words, Trickyfish, first kiss, using the words 'blue', 'rare', and 'vain'. (Chris/Lance)

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