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The Heroic Legend of Arislan

The Last Day
Twenty-four hours in Daryoon's life, the autumn before the anime begins. Explicit.

Ten Years
As the title says, Arislan and Daryoon, ten years later. Same timeline as The Last Day. Explicit.

Vagrant Story

Looking Glass
Ashley, denial, and the slow inheritance of the power of the dark. Explicit.

Ai no Kusabi

I wanted to read smut from Iason's point of view, but I couldn't find any. So I wrote some myself. Explicit.

Final Fantasy X

A Man to Labour in His Vocation
Auron's first meeting with Braska.

Final Fantasy VIII

In which Quistis contemplates leftovers, Irvine throws flora at the fauna, and connections are made.

Final Fantasy VII

Heir Apparent
A prequel to Tenshi's Prince of the City. AU.

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