Farscape Fanfiction

This is the place where I've archived a lot of the fanfiction I've written since discovering it in 2002 after reading the beginning of a epic little piece by OneEyedDRD called Unrealized Peacekeeper.

All psychiatric and trauma bills should be forwarded to her. ;)

I've come a long way since I began so eventually you'll find most, if not all, of my stories have been (or will be) re-worked or tweaked as time as goes by since my writing style has evolved.

You'll find shippy, slash, gen, het... actually you name it I've probably written it. Whatever it is that you end up reading, please know that I only tried my hand at this because I love Farscape's universe and have tried to capture at least a small piece of that within these and I hope that you enjoy them.

Thank you.