[10/13/2002] New Bestiary Preview: Production of the next Tyranny sourcebook is moving along at a steady rate, but in the meantime, please enjoy this breakdown of the Strength of Heritage power, clearing up one of the more nebulous issues in the core rules.

[03/09/2002] Sourcebook status update:

  • Astral Light: Released and available at If you enjoy it, please donate an additional $5 by way of the main Astral Light page.
  • The Bestiary: Roughly 30% complete. If there is a variety of animal demon you would like to see added to the game which is not already listed here, let me know.
  • The Young Ones: I am currently compiling characters and adventures from my own experience, conventions, and anything people happen to submit for this sourcebook. Don't be shy to submit stuff. Just keep any such material clean. Violence is in, the rest is out.
  • Hard Rules: As a quick little preview, here is a very detailed explanation of how to create a character for you to peruse.
  • Finally, if you, like me, hate scrolling around constantly, and have no problem with frames, you might be interested in this little tool.

Tyranny - The Demonic Diceless RPG

Created by Jake Alley, 2001.

This product is shareware. It may be reprinted and distributed freely in whole or in part so long as this page is always included. If you enjoy this product, please donate $10 to the creator either in person, or via this web page.

If you have any suggestions to improve this game, wish rules existed for a variety of demons not currently found in the game, or would like to submit material for the upcoming sourcebook The Young Ones, please submit them again in person, or via e-mail.

The most current version of this product should always be available at


  1. Disclaimers
    1. A Quick Word to Religious Groups
    2. To Give Some Credit Where it's Due...
    3. A Confession
    4. A Few Thanks
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Tyranny?
    2. What is an RPG?
    3. How does a Diceless RPG Differ from the Regular Variety?
  3. Rules
    1. How are Characters Created?
    2. How do Demons get their Powers and Weaknesses?
    3. What do Strengthening and Weakening Mean?
    4. What Capabilities do Demons have Apart from Their Powers?
    5. Where do Demons Come From?
    6. How do Demons Treat Their Families?
    7. How do Demons Die?
    8. What Happens When People Die?
  4. Demons
    1. The Pantheon - Clothothan and Children
    2. The Beasts - Children of Anshala
    3. The Crafted - Children of Hotrengk
    4. The Unliving - Children of Garzhuul
    5. The Evils - Children of Vornarbuli
    6. The Undead - Galcyke and Children
  5. Powers & Weaknesses
    1. Powers
    2. Weaknesses
  6. Artifacts
  7. Examples
    1. Example of Combat
    2. Adventure Starters
    3. Nasty Critters
  8. Additional Source Materials
    1. Astral Light
    2. The Bestiary
    3. The Young Ones
    4. Hard Rules
    5. Deluxe Compiliation (First Edition)


Astral Light

The entirety of this product can also be downloaded as a single text file here.