Blind Rabid Fanboys

Important announcements shall follow the main body of this rant.

There's nothing wrong with being a fanboy. There's nothing wrong with being a fangirl either. Today, I'm using those as gender neutral terms. A fanboy is a diehard fan of something whose main quest tends to be making everyone around like it too, while a fangirl is someone who latch onto a person, real or fictional, and make themself an expert on everything remotely related to that person. Neither one is by any means an insult, and I've never met anyone who isn't a fanboy/fangirl in regards to SOMETHING, usually a lot of things. Of course, today's rant isn't about fanboys and fangirls, it's about blind rabid fanboys, which IS a bit of an insult.

A fanboy wants everyone to agree with them on a point, a rabid fanboy has the mindset that anyone who doesn't agree with them on a point is making a personal attack on all they stand for, but a blind rabid fanboy will assume anyone who is not a rabid fanboy in favor of a given issue is a rabid fanboy against that issue. In my line of work, I run across an awful lot of these people.

Let me just pull a random example out of my mailbox. "WHY AR U SO BAISED AGAINST ALL SSYTEMS THAT ARN'T BY SEGA" Yes, this will do nicely. At this time, from this chair, I can see... 9 game consoles hooked to my TV at the moment. So even if you ignore the fact that this person doesn't understand what the term biased means, this is quite the unfounded accusation. If I recall correctly, this letter came to me the day after someone asked me to recommend some good Dreamcast RPGs. I can't defend a position I don't hold, so there really isn't much I can say to a person like this, other than point out that they have some serious misconceptions, which ticks them off a little bit more than ignoring them.

Anyway, I suppose I'm not really going anywhere with this point, but if you ever see me seeming to take an oddly negative stance against something just because it's popular, just keep in mind that I'm most likely just trying to publicly talk some sense into whatever gang of blind rabid fanboys is hounding me at the moment.

Now then, on a lighter note, the other night I had some company and was thus up until dawn playing games and stuff. Then during a bit of a break, I for some reason happened to look at the TV Guide channel, and saw that something was on called "knife collector", and switched to it, to meet with a very very pleasant surprise.

This was a segment on the home shopping channel in which a very very drunk redneck was extolling the various virtues of the swords his company produces. When you see something called "knife collector", you really don't expect to find a red-faced redneck explaining all the features of a custom-made 6 foot long broadsword with serrated edges, or how "a practice katana is good fer... practicin' th'martial arts." He honestly did sound quite a bit like Birdy from Conker's Bad Fur Day... although that reference is probably lost on most of you.

Oh, right. I promised there'd be some important announcements down here didn't I? Better get to them then.

First and foremost, this here is the 99th rant I've posted on this page. That means that the archives are currently a 100 by 4 table stuck inside the really nasty nested table that is the overall design of this site, which must be really annoying for people who have narrowband connections and browsers that choke on huge tables. So, I figure, after next rant, I should really do a bit of reformatting here, giving up my longheld title of Person With A Big Ranty Page Many People Visit For Some Reason Who Has Gone The Longest Without A Design Change. Hmm... that doesn't really roll off the tongue too well. I'm sure I'll get it back soon enough, since I'm the only one of us who doesn't redesign their page every 5th time they update it. Anyway though, I know I want to change it, but I can't really think of anything better to do that what I have now, so I'm open to suggestions. While I'm at it, I think I'll redo my links section using the unofficial color of People With Big Ranty Pages Many People Visit For Some Reason: #FF6666. Everyone else seems to be cutting back on it and using colors that don't make a small percentage of readers vomit to the delight of another small percentage.

Next there's the fact that a week or two ago, bordom struck me, and when boredom strikes me, creativity bludgeons me. So not only did I dig around my computer and find the source code to the anime review page I started before the old server for this page bit the dust and I thought I lost everything, but my muse did the meanest thing ever.

It ordered me to create a comic/manga/graphic novel/whatever term you choose to stick on something with more illustration than text with GOOD artwork, an actual storyline, and a total lack of the stupid pop cultural references and other elements run into the ground by every hack with an internet connection (See, I'm allowed to say stuff like that because I'm part of the problem!)

So anyway, I sit down, open up Graphic Converter (which has less tools than any graphics program you have ever seen... even going back as far as the Apple ][ Superpaint), and do the best job I have of actually drawing a human, something I haven't even attempted in about, oh... 5 years, and the results were just plain shocking. One day, the absolute best drawing effort I could muster was Slime World there, and that's nothing to be proud of, then the next day, I woke up, sat down, and with nothing for reference I drew


At this point, I was very very very disturbed. I figured it was just a fluke, but then I went on to draw the other 3 pictures in that directory, again with nothing for reference. So either I grew artistic talent in my sleep somehow, I've been operating under a delusion for the last decade or so, or I was just possessed that weekend. Honestly, evidence points a bit towards that last option, but that still means it's POSSIBLE for me to draw in a non-sucky fashion. However, after drawing those, I went to draw a slime world, and had a lot of trouble with it. Once I got it done though, I couldn't draw semi-good again. So evidently, I can't switch between the two styles easily. Therefore, if I'm going to be putting some serious effort into this, I'll have to be putting Slime World on hold, and I hate the thought of posting rants without that, since it's the main draw to this site, SO, for the time being, I'm going to be taking a break from my suddenly vigorous update schedule here, and concentrate on other projects for a bit. So, since this page is going to be gathering dust, you all might as well bookmark

My Ugly Index

I'll most likely update one of those projects every week... although it'll probably be Tyranny, and I don't update the Tyranny page unless I'm POSTING something, and I won't be doing that for a while. So, either glance at my index every week or so or just watch RPGamer until I start updating here again.

Or of course you could use that paypal link over there to bribe me into throwing rants up instead of exploring other ways to vent creativity.

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