Hi everyone! Sorry I was gone so long, but I had such wonderous adventures while I was away! Oh, right, SW fans, fine.

Let's see, what first, how about my little screenplay!
[The Core Smurf Elders are discussing Smurfberry distribution]
BRAINY: ... but Papa Smurf! Hefty got more smurfberries than I did!
PAPA: Now Brainy, Hefty needs more smurfberries because he does all the physical labor around here.
[Suddenly Brainy convulses as he is hit with a cluster of delayed explosive rounds, soon scattering his blue entrails over the assemblage]
PAPA: What the smurf?!? Thermoptic Camo!?!
[Smurfette seemingly appears out of thin air rappelling down the side of a mushroom hut]
[Cut to title screen: Ghost in the Smurf]

My usual appologies to the parties concerned. I came up with that little scene when reading the Ghost in the Shell manga and Saturday Morning Fever back to back. Staurday Morning Fever is this odd little book about the general history and politics surrounding saturday morning cartoons. Towards the center is a section of cartoon theories that makes me wonder if I helped write it somehow. It agrees with so many of my theories, like that Scooby Snacks are an illegal substance and similar things. Quite amusing.

Let's see, what else... oh yeah, I almost got to go to a Larry Niven book signing but couldn't, which sucks, but hey, tomorrow night I get to see Weird Al live.

Fine, you don't care. I also recently saw a huge pile of anime. I finished watching Slayers NEXT, got tape 5 of Escaflowne FINALLY, saw a little Fushigi Yuugi, all of Saber Marionettes R, and then of course there's Gunbuster.

Gunbuster is what Gainax made before Evangelion. It's quite amusing. You can pinpoint the exact momment Gainax goes insane. Plus the title mech is EXTREMELY cool! It's only a 6 episode series though, which is enough I SUPPOSE...

More importantly, I saw the 2nd Ranma movie. It has earned a seat on my list of Things Which Should Not Be. Ranma's creator Rumiko Takahashi is a great artist/writer and I ejoy her work very much. I'm sorry she had NOTHING to do with this movie. For starters, the drawing style is all wrong (not only are the noses and eyes wrong, but all the female characters are, shall we say, modified). The writing isn't too good either, there are so many wholes in the plot it's unbelievable. Those things alone I could possibly ignore, but it suffers from a far worse problem. A problem even the most poorly written fanfic usually avoids. It ignores the established facts about the characters. Normal everyday people can outrun Ranma. Ranma himself not only spends 95% of the time in girl form, but puts on a skimpy gown (simultaniously growing waist-length hair somehow) and tries to make someone choose him as a bride to get something from him. Oh, and all the characters magically get along PERFECTLY. I think the best example is that at one point, Ukyo is wearing a super skimpy bathing suit and begging Ryoga to rescue her from some really unthreatening guy. Come to think of it, this movie was also the most sexist thing I've seen in my life...

Sorry to those of you who know nothing about Ranma, but I really needed to get that off my chest, I mean, that IS what this page is for. 8)

and now...

here it comes...

courtesy of Cheshire Catalyst...

who shows quite a bit of promise may I add...

not too scary really...

so here it is...

There's Something About Bulma

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