New and Exciting

Just two weeks left until NonCon. I'd been planning on updating regularly in the interim here, but, well, I lost all track of time while working on Tyranny for three months straight. So anyway, here's an updated version of my NonCon schedule. Now then, on with the news.

You know Unicorn Jelly? The odd hard Sci-Fi disguised as fantasy comic I recommended people read some time ago? Odd are you don't. In any case, the same person has started a new comic set in the next universe over. Potentially very good stuff.

Meanwhile, the other day someone got me talking about my longest running D&D campaign. One thing lead to another, and I wound up getting a good start on posting these notes on the campaign world. I'll get around to beefing that up with some actual rules and maps and such sooner or later.

I was expecting to end up with more content here, but I'm a bit burnt out quite frankly. Expect improved content next month.

Now then. Back to securing transportation to the con.

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