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Earlier today, someone pointed this out to me. A fairly popular comic is currently running a little story about one of the characters created an RPG simulating the playing of RPGs. The reason they pointed it out to me was that about a year or so ago, I actually did this. You may also recall it from when I mentioned I might be showing it off at NonCon this coming Feb.

If I were a jerk, I'd probably be shouting "Vile fiend! You stole my idea!" or somesuch. As is though, I'm just wondering if it gets pointed out to certain people that I have such a game and get some free publicity out of the deal. You know, I really need to make a page that just shows all the games I'm trying to sell for situations like that. This should do for now. I don't believe I've publicly pitched Power come to think of it, I should get around to that later.

In other news, Thor recently launched this little site. He also got sick of people calling him Thor for reasons I fail to grasp, but anyway, I'll potentially be writing a few articles for that in the not too distant future.

Another thing I've been meaning to point out for the last month or so is this. Over the course of a couple years, someone sat down and wrote a series of vignettes, one per week, pertaining to each element of the periodic table. I probably plugged it back when it started up, but it's finally finished, so it'll be going on my links page next time I update it.

I had a bit more I was planning to say here, but there was honestly an awful lot of work involved in throwing together that little index of games I'm working on. Come to think of it, I left off a bunch at that. Oh well. Call it a work in progress.

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