Halloween Presents!

So here I am, plugging away, ready to get an adventure game to a playable point, when all of the sudden I have to switch gears to getting Anecrophilia presentable. Why you ask? Well, firstly, there was a sudden groundswell of support. More importantly though, I didn't even have the contents of a single room done for the adventure game the day before Halloween, so clearly that time frame wasn't going to work.

So anyway, here's some Anecrophilia for you. Sorry about not getting the arrows ready, but I think I've established my time frame woes.

As consolation though, why not enjoy some candy. It features the world's most sick and depressing movie tie-in ever. If you don't get it, rent Grave of the Fireflies.

Oh, and as an added bonus, only what? 2 years too late? 3? I finally found someone willing to host that Inu-Yasha video. Keep in mind, I made this back before anyone in this country had heard of the thing, let alone before it started airing on the Cartoon Network.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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