Halloween Plans

Halloween, the only holiday I've ever really given a smurf about, is nearly upon us. On the one hand, it's going to suck for me, because the youngest kid I had to latch onto has officially gotten too old and isn't into the spirit of things besides. I'd go to a party somewhere, except that I don't know anyone throwing one. So I'm going to be stuck here it seems, giving candy to kids with zero effort costumes, and generally puttering about working on stuff.

Just because things suck for me though is no reason they should suck for you. On that note, I'm going to attempt to get something halfway presentable for the day in question from the following choices:

Anecrophilia- I can get the next chapter posted by Halloween, but thus far nobody seems to care.

Tyranny- I can upload about half the next sourcebook by Halloween.

Text Adventure- I've been fiddling around with Inform lately, and I'm fairly confident that I could deliver something playable with a vaguely horror theme by the day in question.

So uh, pick one.

Oh, and if anyone here has ever messed around with Inform, there's a few things I'd appreciate some tips on implimenting:

  • A hand-powered flashlight, which must constantly be pumped to function.
  • A realistic sun. Setting, rising, lighting up rooms with windows...
  • The ability to sense things from a good ways away. Hearing distant sounds, seeing someone down a multi-room street, etc.
  • A shapeshifting player. Oddly enough, there's a basic command for brain-transplants, but if you wanted to make an adventure game staring, say, a werewolf, or Ranma, I've yet to find a convenient way of doing it.

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