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So, not too long ago, someone I know well enough said "Eh? You make games?" Then it happened again, and again, and again. So, it seems to me that we're about due for another round of internal plugging 'round these parts. So, in no particular order...

Anime and Manga Reviews: This page is technically still under heavy construction, in that there's likely a fair share of broken links and/or typos about, but the search works just fine, and I stand by any reviews I have up there.

Anecrophilia: This I'd rather you didn't look at honestly until I actually have a full issue posted. Still, a lot of people aren't aware I'm working on the sucker.

Political Cartoons: I generally make one of these after every time I get in a political debate. It's the sort of thing where if you agree you'd be inclined to shove'em in people's faces, and if you don't agree your opinion of me will drop like a stone if you read'em. Such are politics.

Simple Games and Rules Variants: There's some really embarrassing errors in here, but there's also a decent number of games to play using stuff found around your house. Well, around my house at any rate.

Tyranny: The Demonic Diceless RPG: The title is self-explanatory I hope. Incidently, I'll be running a demo game of this at next years NonCon, and the next book will be out by then too.

There's a few other projects you might all be interested in, but they aren't linked o at the moment. There's two more RPGs which I suppose could be considered back burner projects. Both for what it's worth use dice, so I don't get in a rut. Both also will require cash up front, unless someone convinces me that the shareware model actually does work for such things (hint hint). This here card game is looking pretty playable, but needs some cash behind it for me to get it out into the world. Oh yes, and then there's this MMORPG notion which I really won't be getting off the ground without assistance.

That should cover all my stuff, except perhaps for the odd short story, but you'll have to go archive surfing for those. I did however update my links page there recently though. Aside from all this stuff there's some links to all the sites on everyone else's links pages, the few odd web comics I can stand, and my cousin's new comic. I suppose this also counts as a web comic I can stand, but there isn't enough yet to say for sure.

Oh! I almost forgot, before nearly tripping over it. I recently came into a rather large mound of really bad anime. Dubbed VHS DBZ boxed set, Yu Gi Oh DVDs, that sort of thing. I'm not planning to give it away for free or anything, but I'm thinking of maybe running some sort of contest.

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