Googleshng's Great Anime Auction

Over the years, I've managed to acquire a good deal of anime that I don't want. A few of these I bought way back when, and later found boxed sets that gave me doubles. Most however were gifts, mainly from my mother who works at a company that sells books and videos to libraries. They get samples of everything from certain publishers. Libraries have no interest in carrying say, Dragon Ball Z boxed sets for obvious reasons. Thus, these samples go up for grabs, my mother grabs them for my sake, 95% of them I have little to no interest in, and thus they gather dust in a corner until I get access to a digital camera and it occurs to me to throw them all on eBay.

So anyway, now that you know where it all came from, here's the list. Factory sealed unless otherwise noted. The actual auctions will go up shortly.

Pictures are here incidently.

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