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Rumors of my death have been mildly exaggerated.

So... OK. Like two years ago, for mysterious reasons, I totally lost all ability to access this website, and the formatting broke. The fix for this was incredibly simple, but I didn't know that, since the very old friend who hosts things here is old enough of a friend that I lost all her contact info like a decade ago. Shame on me for that.

And then there's the WDL site, hosted by another friend who... dropped entirely off the face of the earth and took his computer with him, so that one's been dead too... and you could keep up with my writings in those lovely Gamespite books, but the plug was kinda pulled on those, so I've basically been stuck in limbo for a while, mainly being depressed and playing entirely too much Pathfinder.

But now things are fixed and I'm back! Except... no, not so much, because the way I got back in touch with my host here was being notified that she's pulling the plug on this hosting deal she has going, which is more than reasonable, and so I need to pack this whole crazy thing I have going up and move.

I'm kind of a dinosaur when it comes to webpages, because I never really got into the whole "Web 2.0" thing, and I hand code everything in nice clean clearly formatted HTML... barely even got into the whole CSS scene, and don't see how comments are anything but a source of eternal misery, to say nothing of my deep hatred for Facebook and Twitter so... I guess I need to get over that because you can't really just have a webpage anymore it seems. I suppose the thing to do is to set up some kind of a blog, or a series of blogs on one of them bloggy sites... what's hip with you kids today, tumblr? Yeah fine.

Here is where I will be setting up a tumblr where I'll eventually repost all my stuff, and new stuff. Bookmark this quick before this site here vanishes.

Seriously. Bookmark it. This page is just going to up and disappear sometime within the next 3 months. Probably way sooner than later. You also might want to bookmark this Moon Serpent thing, because it's perilously close to being done and how often does someone just hand you a nice retro RPG? Well, I guess pretty often with bundles and greenlight sales and Desura but this is free free, not "meh it's a dollar" free and I've been working real hard on it when I haven't been sinking into deep bouts of depression. Also I've been sinking into a lot of deep bouts of depression so knowing people appreciate my stuff would really help out.

Money would really help out too. I don't have any right now and did you know you actually HAVE to have that stuff to get food and electricity and such? Apparently while this site's been dead they've come up with all sorts of hip new ways to beg strangers for money over the internet in exchange for doing stuff though. I need to look into those.


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